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Changes to the Elementary Day

The other night (4/24/2017), the State College School Board agreed to an amendment (technically a Memo of Understanding) to our contract with the teachers (the State College Area Education Association) to examine the feasibility of extending the elementary day. There are several reasons for doing this. The first was to provide more overall learning for our K-5 students, but also more overall time in the core learning subjects (i.e., English/Language Arts, math, social studies, and science). In addition, it will provide a fifth “special” or special learning opportunity (currently library, art, music, and physical education).

From the teacher and administrator point of view, this provides much more planning and professional development time during the school day. As we refine our curriculum in a more deliberate way, our teachers will have — and need — more planning time within the day to incorporate new curricula, new tools, and new techniques into their teaching and learning.

At this time, we have the outline of a proposal for how this would work, given the constraints of our size (for transportation purposes), our staff, and our existing day. We don’t know all the answers yet (if this goes into effect, it will be for the 2018-2019 school year), but we’ll be talking to you at PTO meetings and parent forums in the coming month. The full schedule will be on the SCASD Web site and available in the SCASD Web app.