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Some of you were probably shocked on Saturday to find that of all the candidates for State College Area School Board, one chose to “not Respond” to a questionaire from the League of Women Voters for their Voters’ Guide.  I was the most shocked of all, because I was that candidate.  I don’t know what happened and I certainly don’t want to point fingers, but I never received the questionnaire.  I didn’t respond, not because I chose not to; I didn’t respond because I didn’t know that I had to.  When I answered the CDT’s voters’ guide earlier, I assumed that was it for the season.  I spoke at the League’s debate, so I’m surprised why no one followed up to determine why I didn’t respond.  I have some calls into some League members who I know to try to determine what happened and at least get into their on-line guide.  I think the League does a great job of educating voters and I am disappointed that I’m not in the guide.

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#1 Jim on 05.20.09 at 4:49 am

Update: So I received a note from the League of Women Voters on Thursday night indicating that I was not contacted by snail mail after their e-mail to me “bounced.” They apologized, updated my e-mail address, and promised to get it right in the fall.

Thanks to the Centre Daily Times who published it, albeit in the Death Notices section, on Friday. I guess that’s a place where many people go first in a paper. One of my co-workers was so freaked out (I have to admit I was too). Another asked if that meant my campaign was dead…