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Thanks to All

Thanks to everyone who voted on Tuesday.  I’m moving forward on the Democratic side of the ballot in the fall along with Penni Fishbaine, Gowen Roper, and Dave Hutchinson.

A special thanks to those who wrote letters and checks, and canvassed for me.  Your help was very much appreciated.

When I was out at polling sites yesterday, I received quite a few comments to the effect that I should have responded to the League of Women Voters Guide.  The League assured me that they have my proper e-mail now. I guess those who proclaim the death of newspapers have “greatly exaggerated” at least in Centre County. 

Please get in touch if you want to help in the fall.

My Response

Jim Leous

Residence: State College

Campaign Web Site: http://leous.org/

Education: Penn State, M.S. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1991; University of Notre Dame, B.S. Physics, 1984.

Occupation: IT Manager, Penn State Information Technology Services

Qualifications: Parent of two elementary school children; Assistant Coach, State College High School Ice Hockey Team; Member, SCASD District-wide Master Facilities Plan Steering Committee; Member, SCASD Patrick Wang Innovation Grant Committee; Member, SCASD Bell Grant Internet implementation team; Cub Scout Leader; Adviser, Penn State student groups.

Answer: The most important issue is maintaining the quality of our schools in an uncertain economic future.  We must be responsible financial stewards when it comes to the SCASD budget.  We are embarking on the implementation of the District-wide Master Facilities Plan (DWMFP) in the midst of the worst economic situation of my lifetime.  Combined with increased pension commitments and increased utility rates, we are in for some fiscal challenges.

That said, wise planning now as in the past should help us prepare for the challenge ahead.  The current facilities construction and renovations recommended by the DWMFP Steering Committee call for us to use existing reserve funds to finance the project.  This should provide for investment (jobs, equipment) for our local builders while at the same time not increasing the tax rate.

Voters’ Guide

Some of you were probably shocked on Saturday to find that of all the candidates for State College Area School Board, one chose to “not Respond” to a questionaire from the League of Women Voters for their Voters’ Guide.  I was the most shocked of all, because I was that candidate.  I don’t know what happened and I certainly don’t want to point fingers, but I never received the questionnaire.  I didn’t respond, not because I chose not to; I didn’t respond because I didn’t know that I had to.  When I answered the CDT’s voters’ guide earlier, I assumed that was it for the season.  I spoke at the League’s debate, so I’m surprised why no one followed up to determine why I didn’t respond.  I have some calls into some League members who I know to try to determine what happened and at least get into their on-line guide.  I think the League does a great job of educating voters and I am disappointed that I’m not in the guide.