DWFMP Steering Committee

I’ve been participating in the SCASD District Wide Facilities Master Plan
Steering Committee for the last 6 months.  I’m very impressed with Dr. Bill DeJong and his team at DeJong Associates and the way that they’ve included community input at every phase of the plan.  Dr. DeJong and his team are very experienced and the district has benefited from their knowledge and inclusive methodology.

On Wednesday, we had our eighth meeting of the Steering Committee and over the course of two and one half hours, worked our way through almost 15 recommendations.  I’m pleased with what we’ve come up with.  It represents some very good compromises and hours of thoughtful discussion.  The plan will now go forward to the School Board at a work session on April 20.  I believe the recommendations provide a broad framework for moving forward over the next 10-15 years, without locking the School Board into decisions which are not supported by the community or the economic circumstances.